Garden Paintings

Lilac Sunday, The Arnold Arboretum, Boston

A few years ago I went with my cousins to the Arnold Arboretum on Lilac  Sunday.  It is a gorgeous public garden designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and you can read more about it here ARNOLD ARBORETUM

Carnation Lily, Lily Rose by John Singer Sargent 1881













Garden Study of the Vickers Children by John Singer Sargent 1884

The painting below is owned by the Flint Institute of Arts in Flint, Michigan.  This is from their catalogue:   In 1884, Sargent made Garden Study of the Vickers Children. He commenced work on the study that summer, while on a visit to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vickers in Sussex, England. Although many of Sargent’s portraits are in the grand manner, he also excelled at more informal portraits. This composition, one of eleven portraits he painted of the Vickers family, depicts their children, Vincent and Dorothy, amidst stalks of lilies as they water the flowers in a seemingly spontaneous outdoor scene. It is executed in a naturalistic manner, with broad fluid brushstrokes and flat areas of undefined color. The lower portion of the composition is not fully resolved in its details.


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