Monthly Archives: March 2013

Our Delphiniums

Here are our delphiniums from last year.   They were very nice.  But its hard to find all blue ones.  The nurseries around here have been selling “mixed delphiniums”  the last couple of years.  Very naughty !   This is why we are buying from NZ this year.  I don’t want mauve,  I want BLUE ! And with a white Bee !


Time For Delphiniums !

Well,  its probably actually a little late to start from seed,  but I am just getting my act together and have ordered the seeds from New Zealand tonight!    I have been dreaming about growing Dowdeswell Royal Aspirations for years,  and now is the time !  This is a picture of their parent stock from their web site.  Go there if you would like to order some too !