Winslow and the Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Winslow and the hydrangeas in Fountain Valley

This is Winslow with the Hydrangeas.  They have since come into their full summer glory and I will post another photo of them as soon as I have one that does them justice.  I finally found the right combination of blueing and water that makes them blue but doesn’t burn them.  They are a darker blue now too, although this variety never gets too intense in color.   They are Endless Summer Hydrangeas:

Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer

First Bigleaf Hydrangea to bloom on new and old wood!
Another first – a Bigleaf Hydrangea plant with flowers that form on the current year’s growth as well as on old wood. Endless Summer® can bloom for more than six months in warm areas, especially if deadheaded regularly, and the flower heads – blue on acid soils, pink on alkaline – are up to 9in across. Unusually hardy as well.


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