Winters Mix – White Cosmos, Cinereria, Anemone and Sweet Peas

There is not much happening in the garden this January except for the sound of weeds growing.  They are feeding the worms, and so far I have managed to get them out before they seed.  But a few flowers have popped up to keep us company and provide a nice Winters Mix for bouquets:

Flowers of Winter Intermission in Fountain Valley garden of  artist Cathy Hatfield

White Cosmos are always a great filler for winter intermission.  Volunteers though they  be, they are still a welcome presence. Also great for small bouquets when there really isn’t much else around.


Cinereria make great potted plants for the winter on the veranda.  This is one left over from last year that is over under the tree.  Its not happy enough  to get put on the veranda.  But its great for wee bouquets mixed with cosmos and an occasional anemone when one pops up.     Will be buying a new healthy cinereria for the veranda soon.

Red anemone in artist Cathy Hatfield's Fountain Valley garden

I love these little red anemones with the white centers with a blue button on its throat.  They seem so happy and always make a nice wee patriotic boquet just in time for  Lincoln’s birthday and Valentines.   This year one is up early.   I didn’t plant any this year, bulbs were an outrageous .99 each !  Where did my thrift get me – by the time bulbs were down to a reasonable .24,  only bright pink were left.   So we will have some nice bright pinks in time for Easter !

Cupani sweet pea

And the last of todays four pictures of what is out this January,  my favorite sweet pea, a Cupani.  It is winding up through the lavendar, just one lonely but happy looking sweet pea.    I am planting some exhibition Spencers over by the back fence for boquets later,  because they have a lighter scent.   I love the Cupani’s sweet fragrance, but they are too strong for our sensitive noses in the house.   Doesn’t seem fair,  I have always favored the old varieties.   So always learning, have found a place for hybrids.

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  1. Sarah

    You’re doing pretty well for a winter garden but I reckon you have a slight weather advantage! We had our first really hard frost last night and the fuchsias finally got frosted, but we still have geraniums & lobelia in some tubs bravely flowering despite being ignored since October. All the bulbs are starting to come up… snowdrops are out and the daffodils are flowering on roadsides which looked very odd in December.

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