Baronne Edmond de Rothschild Wins 3rd in Rogers Gardens Rose Show

The 17th annual Rogers Gardens Amateur Rose Show was held today and I brought a lovely brilliant pink rose from our back yard called Baronne Edmond de Rothschild, a hybrid tea first introduced in 1968 by Meilland of France. It is an offspring of “Peace”.
Anyway, our Baronne had a somewhat precarious start in our yard. Somehow it got broken in half before she was planted and struggled for her first three years. But with lots of love, Dr. Earth food and some off tune songs from the local gardner, she came to thrive and has done especially spectacular this spring. I cut the most incredibly perfect rose from her last week and put it in my studio to enjoy while I painted.
Only one Hybrid Tea could be entered in the Rogers Gardens Show, and I picked a New Zealand and Full Sail from out front and the Baronne E. de Rothschild from out back yesterday and put them all in a vase in my bedroom. It was neck and neck, but by this morning, it was an easy choice who to bring. I only worried that there were some yellow spots on her leaves. But this was an Amateur show, and leaves don’t count as much as in a sanctioned show (I was told when I delivered).
Then I had other errands to run and a pup to walk, vegetables to buy, etc. I didn’t get back to Rogers until late in the afternoon, and only one ribbon was left on the winners table, and it was in front of a very familiar rose! A nice lady told me that I was the only winner not there. She said that the comment on my rose was that it had excellent shape, brilliant color and a wonderful center. They brought me out my $50 gift card (no room for more roses, probably a Clematis….) and took this picture.



Here is a picture of the rose where she sits in the garden. She used to be that red/pink rose over by the sweet peas. Now she is the Prize Winner!, and we will have to work double hard to keep the daisy from enroaching on her space.

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