Monthly Archives: November 2010

Our Friendly Opossum

Opossum in Fountain ValleyWell its Opossum season again, or still.  Winslow looks for these guys at night and almost had a coniption last night when he chased one under the fence into the neighbor’s yard.   The opossum was just the size of a nerf football.   Apparently the opossum is an ancient mammal and seems destined to follow us to the stars.   I would just  be happy if he kept the yard snail free and didn’t leave any fleas behind.  I read that they are highly resistant to rabies,  but it is probably too much to expect for them to be flea free.  But,  as Wikipedia says

“Opossums are omnivores. They eat carrion, worms, eggs, SNAILS, insects, snakes, crayfish, toads salamanders, mice, birds slugs, fruits, vegetables, garbage.”

Do you hear that,  they eat SNAILS.   They can stay.  I’ve named the new one Peter.