Working In The Garden

When I started this blog, I had meant it to be more a personal chronicle of my gardening activities and the state of the garden, so I’ll try to get back to that for a while.  Gardening gives me energy, even when it’s just weeding or digging.  I guess somewhere in there, there are still remnants of a farmer.      I came across an article (in the Schuylerite, of the Schuyler Co. Historical Museum) written about my fifth great grandparents, and about my fifth great grandfather, when he was 84 years old (in 1887),  it said:

Mr. Hatfield is enjoying good health, but is compelled to walk with two canes. He makes and tends his own garden: he says he must work so he can sleep well, and has offered to make his neighbors garden if he would take him to it.”

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